Let the Event Support Fund Help You Make Your Equine Event A Reality

Paying It Forward With Our Event Support Fund

The Event Support Fund is our way of paying it forward.  The fund is open to any new or expanding equine events that actively encourage the involvement of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.

Our Event Support Fund is designed to:

  • Support events in their early stage of development or during the early stage of expansion of an existing event to include a new component and where a small amount of money will go a long way.
  • Support events with a clear plan to reach and impact the equine community in a positive way.
  • Support all types of equine events in a variety of interest areas including shows, clinics/seminars, trail rides, etc.

While the event may be open to all equine breeds, organizers must demonstrate a willingness to include and market their event to Missouri Fox Trotting Horse owners.

Applications are available below.  Financial support approvals will begin in January 2019.

What should a donation request contain?

A funding request should include the following materials:

  • Donation Request Application (fillable PDF; please remember to save the document to your desktop)
  • Requests may also include supplemental information for consideration
  • Requests must align with the RFTHF’s mission

When will donations be made?

The Regional Fox Trotting Horse Foundation makes donations throughout the year. The Foundation will notify an organization via email upon receipt of the donation request form and then again by mail after the Board of Directors makes its funding decisions.

What is the average donation amount given by the Foundation?

We expect most requests to range from $200 to $1,000. Organizations are reminded to base their requested amount on the program’s unique needs for funding.

When and where should a donation request be submitted?

Donation requests should be submitted by email.  Information is on the form.

Are there any restrictions?

In general, the RFTHF does not fund:

  • Overhead or indirect expenses
  • Building or construction projects
  • Capital campaigns
  • Events outside the United States

Is there any follow-up required?

The RFTHF asks organizations receiving donations to submit a follow-up report to the Foundation no later than one month after the event. Reports should include general event outcomes and results as well as any supplemental materials, e.g., event photographs, printed materials, newsletters, etc.

Can an event request additional funding?

The RFTHF will consider continued funding after the initial year of an event.  An organization may request funding for two additional years for the same event.  Funding is not guaranteed.

Is the Event Support Fund just for horse shows?

Absolutely not! Our mission is to have a positive impact on the growth and sustainability of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse. To do this, we understand that supporting all types of equine events is important. Therefore we are open to funding any type of equine event including horse shows, trail rides, clinic, and seminars. If you can dream it and are willing to invest the time in implementing the idea, we are willing to consider it for funding. Just remember, organizers must demonstrate a willingness to market their event to and encourage the involvement of Missouri Fox Trotting Horse owners.

I want to start an all-breed equine event. Is it eligible for financial support from the RFTHF? 

The RFTHF Equine Event Fund is open to all breed equine events; however, organizers must demonstrate a willingness to include and market their event to Missouri Fox Trotting Horse owners.

If I am starting an event, what type of support can I expect from the Event Support Fund?

The Event Support Fund is focused on assisting with specific expenses an individual or organization may need to cover while getting an event started.  The Event Support Fund is not intended to cover the entire cost of an event but rather provide the initial seed money.  In addition, requests should be for specific expenses.  The Event Support Fund does not provide funding for general sponsorship requests.  Examples of expenses that may be covered include facility deposit/rental, judge expense, ribbon/award purchases, clinician fee, program application fee (such as the MFTHBA National Trail Ride program) or equipment rental.  This is not an all-inclusive list as each event may have different needs.

Organizers should keep in mind that they will be required to provide an estimated budget, provide specifics on which expenses the RFTHF funding will be used for and outline their plan for funding the remainder of the event costs.

How can the Event Support Fund help an existing event?

The RFTHF would like to help events grow and add new components.  This could include adding a new division of classes, adding a hi-point competition, expanding from one day to two days, etc.  As with new events, the support from the RFTHF is for specific expenses.

Examples of Events Supported:

Pennsylvania Meet the MFT:   This event requested support to hire a trainer to support this Missouri Fox Trotting Horse promotional event.  During the event, attendees learned about the breed, audited a clinic, and received lunch.  In addition, to financial funding, the RFTHF provided Foundation giveaway items for attendees.

KCRFTHA Ranch Riding/Sorting Clinic:  The Kansas City Regional Fox Trotting Horse Association (KCRFTHA) requested support to cover their facility deposit for this event.  This all-gaited horse clinic is designed to encourage more involvement in the growing sport of Ranch Sorting.  

Dallas Charity Horse Show:  This existing event was looking to grow its Missouri Fox Trotting Horse involvement by improving the footing to better meet exhibitor requests.  They requested financial support to rent arena equipment to accomplish these requests.  

FoxTROT Cindy Fonken Memorial Fly the Flag National Trail Ride. Event organizers were looking for support in encouraging more attendance. Their idea was to provide attendees with a giveaway as a special thank you for attending. RFTHF funding assisted in purchasing these special gifts. In addition, the RFTHF covered the MFTHBA National Trail Ride fee for some of the new attendees.

Kaysinger Horse Show Circuit: Looking to increase participation by Missouri Fox Trotting Horses in their gaited horse classes, event organizers requested funding to support the addition of a Missouri Fox Trotting Horse High Point Award.